They are all around us and we have lots of them. We have so many of them because they often serve different needs in our daily life. Some we buy, others we inherit. Some are “keepers” while others just come and go. Like them, love them, hate them or have no thoughts at all about them we always need them. Fact: we almost always have a favorite (or two). Whether old or new, a lot or a few; love them or just need them—you have to admit that a chair by any other name is still a seat.

What is a Sassy Seat?

At Sassy Seats we revive chairs and give them a unique, distinguished personality that can be serious or fun, formal or relaxed. Our chairs are NOT recycled or upcycled nor are they creatively re-used since they are high quality pieces, old or new, that have been given our Sassy makeover. Working with all types and styles of chairs, we don’t follow most of the rules traditionally used in chair design so each piece is truly ONE of a kind. We work predominantly with colors and textures to give each chair its own personality that we think will always command attention anywhere you put it. Have a special chair you want to revive? Sassy Seats will gladly work with you to help customize your own particular sassy style.

No mass-production-line products nor big box store welcome awaits you at Sassy Seats. Our inventory is the true definition of ‘limited edition’ and if we had a brick and mortar showroom it would be more like an art gallery. Our presence online allows us to reach more customers efficiently not only in our product display, but equally in making payment convenient, secure and hassle-free. Getting your Sassy Seat to you is important to us which is why our online service allows us to provide prompt shipment directly to your front door.

According to architect Witold Rybczynski we’ve been sitting in seats for 5,000 years. “The way we choose to sit, and what we choose to sit on, says a lot about us: our values, our tastes, the things we hold dear,” Rybczynski writes in his book, Now I Sit Me Down.

At Sassy Seats we couldn’t agree more.
After all, life is too short to sit in just any ordinary chair.

Who are Sassy Seats?

Short Answer: We are a family team who enjoy giving high-end quality chairs a makeover.

We are two siblings working on two continents combining our creative forces with one sole purpose which is to liberate premium quality furniture from its doldrums and predictability. Tired of seeing good design chairs overlooked and forgotten, relegated to their past, locked in predictable surroundings/decor dictated by standard convention, we strive to breathe new life into our chairs hoping that they will be seen in a new way. Hence our driving force: make them seen, make them sassy!

Constantly traveling across two continents we have an insatiable appetite for the decorative and artistic. We can’t seem to visit enough museums, exhibitions, showrooms, design centers, palaces, private homes—both grand and less grand, in an effort to draw inspiration for new ways of seeing old and familiar things.

We do not like to talk about ourselves because our focus is all about what we do, not who we are. What we do is not a hobby nor a lifeline. Sassy Seats is a passion because we truly believe life is too short to just sit in anything.

Sassy Seats  BBB Business Review
Sassy Seats  BBB Business Review